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The Start Of Our Adventure

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We made it! After a 4am start, 3 flights, 2 transits and nearly 30 hours of travelling, we have finally reached Lima, Peru.

Our hotel is in Miraflores (downtown) and although our bedroom is very small and there is no AC or fan, it is clean and quiet. After a desperately needed shower and a good nights sleep we were ready to explore.

We started the day with the city’s free walking tour where we learnt….very little. I think the only thing we were told that was of interest was that on the monument in the middle of Plaza San Martin, the architects misread the blueprints and instead of putting a crown of flames on lady liberty's head they put a llama (the word for flames in Spanish is 'llama'). You would of thought the architects may of questioned this weird request, but nope they went right ahead and just built it. So in the middle of the plaza you will find a lady with a llama on her head as part of a historical monument representing 100 years of independence in Peru. Oops.

So after trekking over the city for 3 hours and learning nothing, we headed back to the hotel, freshened up and went on ANOTHER tour…this time a gourmet food tour – which was awesome. We ate some amazing local Peruvian dishes (Lynden even tried guinea pig), had our first Pisco Sour (which we weren’t overly keen on) and saw some Incan ruins. We finished the evening off with 4 desserts and then gelato – it was WAY too much food, but was well worth it! We tour ended in Barranco (the party district), where there is a ‘lovers bridge’ and couples have to hold hands and walk across together while holding their breath. If you do this then apparently you will have an eternity of happiness. Well it is pretty bloody hard to walk across the bridge in one breath when it’s packed with people scrolling along and taking selfies. BUT I am pleased to say that we did make it, but we did have to pick up the pace and push through a few people to get to the end.

After sleeping off our food comas, day 2 in Lima was super chilled…or at least it was suppose to be. We woke up at 4.30am, watched a movie, had breakfast and were out the door at 8.30am to go for a ‘stroll’. We started by going to the cat park (obviously!), which is simply a local park full of stray cats, which the locals feed. I was in my element but Lynden wouldn’t let me keep any. Miraflores is also next to the beach, so within 10 minutes we were at the parks edge looking down to the ocean, at which point SOMEONE - not naming any names (Lynden) suggested we walk down the very steep steps to the water. So down we go and start walking along the waterfront. One conclusion that we both drew very quickly is that Lima doesn’t know what a beach is. Their beach is the ocean and a tons of large black peddles and rocks, it doesn’t look appealing BUT people were actually trying to lay on them and sunbath?!? After 30 minutes of walking we hadn’t found any steps to get back up to the town and being stubborn and not wanting to walk back the way we came we decided to keep walking. 6km later we ended up reaching Barranco again and the lovers bridge!

Our guide the night before had recommended a local restaurant in Barranco and so we headed there for lunch and it was a good job we arrived when we did, as when we left the queue to get in was down the road! It wasn’t surprising though as the food was so good, the ceviche was to die for and we had fried octopus, beef tenderloin and Peruvian fries. After a beer and a glass of wine, Lynden also decided he was fluent in Spanish and insisted on practicing on all the restaurant waiters. Once we finished lunch we had to walk it off and ended up walking all the way home. A grand total of an 11km stroll!

Needless to say we were exhausted by the time we got home, so did nothing for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening we ventured back out for a bite to eat and stumbled across most of the population of Lima in the cat park having a dance party in a small amphitheatre in the centre of the park. The dance floor was packed with young and old, the seats were crammed full and then there was even a crowd stood around the outside – it was quite a spectacular scene to watch!

Tomorrow we get up at 4.30am and head back to the airport, next stop Puerto Maldonado for the Amazon Jungle!

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